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What do you say if an officer asks if you were drinking?

What do you say if an officer asks if you were drinking?

You always have the right to say nothing. Even if you think it makes you look guilty, you have the right to remain silent and let your California attorney help you deal with police questioning.

Can you be a cop with a DUI in California?

All law enforcement applicants must pass a background check prior to becoming a police officer. However, a prior DUI conviction won’t necessarily preclude an applicant from becoming an officer. Some police departments have particularly strict policies against hiring officers with prior DUI convictions.

Do you have to answer have you been drinking?

Indemnifying yourself means admitting that you have been drinking. While refusing to answer this question and take a breath test is considered to be admittance of guilt in some courts of law, your chances are much higher for being found not guilty of DUI if you do not incriminate yourself.

Do you have to submit to a field sobriety test in Texas?

You DO NOT Have to Submit to Field Sobriety Tests in Texas Even though the officer might act as if you must take the tests, you don’t. If he asks you to exit the vehicle then you must get out of the car.

Have you been drinking Meaning?

‘Have you been drinking?’ typically refers only to drinking some form of alcohol. Depending on the context, ‘Did you drink?’ can also refer to alcohol, but not always.

Can a DUI conviction prevent me from becoming a police officer?

While police are generally on the other side of DUI (driving under the influence) enforcement, police officers aren’t immune to arrest and conviction for driving under the influence. And, those who have DUI convictions on their records could find their criminal history to be an obstacle to getting employment in law enforcement.

What is California DUI school?

California DUI School is a program of alcohol education and prevention ordered by courts and/or the California DMV . A driver must enroll in California DUI school if convicted of a DUI or “wet” driving offense such as: Vehicle Code 23103.5, “wet reckless.” DUI education program providers must be licensed by the State of California.

Can I take out-of-state DUI classes?

If ordered to attend DUI school, the judge may let an offender a 1650 waiver to take classes in your (new) home state. But it is important to note that the curriculum for the out-of-state DUI education program must be at least as comprehensive as California DUI school.

How much does DUI school cost?

Type of Offense / Approx. DUI school cos Length / (Max no. missed classes) Under-21 first offender $270 12 hours (2) “Wet reckless” $270 12 hours (2) First DUI, BAC < .20 $843 3 mos. (30 hrs.) (5) First DUI, BAC ≥ .20 $1,850 9 mos. (60 hrs.) (7)