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What are Stadium Events worth?

What are Stadium Events worth?

The North American version of Stadium Events is the most sought after by collectors. The game cartridge sells for between $500 and $1,200. With an original box and manual, it can sell for over $13,000.

Why is NES Stadium Events so rare?

To avoid consumer confusion, Nintendo pulled all copies of Stadium Events from shelves and had them destroyed, but not before approximately 200 carts had already been sold. Of those 200, collectors believe that only 10 to 20 complete copies of the game exist today, making them a real rarity.

What was the first Nintendo video game called?

EVR Race
Baer developed a console where you could play video games on a TV screen. Nintendo saw a world of possibility in the invention, and bought the rights to it in 1975, the same year its first game, EVR Race, was released.

Is my NES worth money?

The NES as of today sells for $30 – $375 depending on the condition of the console itself and if you have all of the accessories, including the original box, cables and controllers.

How much does an original NES sell for?

Is Nintendo Power coming back?

Nintendo Power Podcast returns for its first episode of 2022, and it’s a doozey! Following the big announcements from the February Nintendo Direct, Chris and guests Anthony and Jayson from the Communications team at Nintendo of America discuss many of the big, new games coming to Nintendo Switch™ this year!

Are NES games worth collecting?

Considering how much of a nostalgic powerhouse the NES is, there should be little surprise that Nintendo’s 8-bit library is filled with many collectible pieces. In contrast with the Super Nintendo’s rare and valuable list, the most desirable NES games are not necessarily populated with the most popular games.

Why is stadium events so rare?

While the 1990 World Championship cartridges had much of the attention of the NES collectors up until 2010, Stadium Events has been covered in much of the hype over the last seven years. What makes this otherwise standard game so rare, is that just after its release, it was recalled.

What are the current trends in Nes resale values?

The NES is leading the trend in increased nostalgia collecting and we are seeing a strong increase in complete and mint values. Loose cartridges are also increasing significantly, but there are comparatively fewer complete games are entering the resale market.

How much are old Nintendo games worth?

In that time the value of a lot of Nintendo games that were not too overly pricey, have risen in value and rarity to exclude all but the most dedicated of game collectors from ever owning them. Some of these games could have been purchased for less than $50 from a clearance bin at some point.