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How often should I service my FOX rear shock?

How often should I service my FOX rear shock?

Fox recommends that the minimum suspension fork and shock service is 125 hours of use, yearly, or whichever comes first. That is certainly on the longer side of things. Similar to changing the oil in your car, the more frequently you service your suspension, the better the fork will perform for longer.

Can you service FOX shocks?

Get serviced by the same FOX technicians the pros depend on, utilizing genuine FOX parts and fluids. Basic service includes new oil, and labor — and we’ll debur and polish the shock shaft, as well as perform a deep cleaning.

How often should I service my MTB suspension?

How often to service mtb suspension. If you are a regular mountain biker and ride steep, technical terrain, having your suspension serviced every 20 – 40 rides is recommended. For more recreational styles of mountain biking, once per year during an annual overhaul/tune-up is suggested.

How much does it cost to service a rear shock?

between $1,000 and $1,150
Replacing rear shocks will typically cost between $1,000 and $1,150. Unfortunately, those looking for a deal have very little wriggle room when it comes to this replacement. The parts for rear shock replacements cost roughly $900, while the labor costs for replacing rear shocks are typically around $200.

How much does a Fox fork service cost?

$190 USD • $220 CAD* Thorough inspection of fork for wear and/or damage. Complete teardown and rebuild of damper, including new seals and oil.

How do you maintain FOX shocks?

To extend the service life of your FOX fork or shock, the best product maintenance plan you can follow is cleaning the product exterior after each and every ride or race. Use mild soapy water, a very light pressure water spray to rinse, and wipe dry with a clean, dry cloth.

How often should forks be serviced?

Forks need regular periodic maintenance. We recommend cleaning and lubrication refills (lower leg service) every 25 riding hours, and a full service (strip down, seal replacement and full oil change) every 200 hours. The more frequent lower leg service can be carried out at home, by the experience home mechanic.

How often should you service bike forks?

Service intervals for most modern suspension

Company and component Service interval Instructional resources
Öhlins forks and shocks Lowers every 30hrs, full service every 100hrs or 1 x annually Service manuals
Push coil Inspect bushings every 30hrs, full service every 100hrs or 1 x annually Support doc

How much does a Fox shock service cost?

***$40 labor includes removal, packaging, and re-installation of shock and hardware. $30 covers shipping to and from Fox. $160 Fox Shock Factory Service fee includes complete tear down and rebuild of damper and air spring with new oil, seals, and nitrogen recharge.

When should a bike suspension be serviced?

Your takeaway for maintaining and servicing your mountain bike suspension is that it is a lot like having a car. You do certain things every time you ride, some maintenance every few months, and your bike should be serviced at least once a year, depending on how hard you shred the gnar.

How long is Fox shocks warranty?

one year
The factory warranty period for your fork/shock is one year (two years for countries in the EU) from the original date of purchase of the bicycle or fork/shock. A copy of the original purchase receipt must accompany any fork/shock being considered for warranty service.

Can You service a 32mm Fox Fork?

Use this video to service any 32mm fox fork. It can also be used to service your old FOX ALPS R,RL and RLC use our oil charts for the fox alps in our fork list. If you’re lucky enough to have a Fox fork bolted to the front of your bike then you’ll want to take care of it.

Can the Fox float rp23 rear shock be used to service?

A service video guide from the Fox Float RP23 rear shock. Use this video to service any 32mm fox fork. It can also be used to service your old FOX ALPS R,RL and RLC use our oil charts for the fox alps in our fork list.

What maintenance kit for 32mm low friction seals?

Given that I need the Suspension and Float fluid, I’m of the asumption that it’s the ‘Maintenance Kit for 32mm forx’ which includes the 32mm Low Friction seals? All you need to buy is the seal kit and the correct weight of oil. Your seals should come with a pillow pack of float fluid anyway.

Can I service my Fox suspension product?

If you have any doubt whether or not you can properly service your FOX product, then DO NOT attempt it. Improperly serviced products can fail, causing the rider to lose control resulting in SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH. WARNING: FOX suspension products contain pressurized nitrogen, air, oil, or all 3.