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How many slaves were in stagville plantation?

How many slaves were in stagville plantation?

900 people
More than 900 people were enslaved at one time on the Stagville Plantation. Down the gravel road in Durham, trees cover the land of what used to be one of North Carolina’s largest plantations.

What family owned the Stagville plantation?

The Bennehan-Cameron family
Historic Stagville is a state historic site that includes the remnants of the one of the largest plantations in North Carolina. The Bennehan-Cameron family owned approximately 30,000 acres of land, and claimed ownership over about 900 people who were enslaved on this property.

When was stagville plantation built?

The Bennehan Home at Stagville, built circa 1787. Image from the Stagville State Historic Site. Stagville, an eastern Orange County (now Durham County) plantation of several thousand acres, initially belonged to Virginia-born merchant Richard Bennehan (1743-1825).

Who owns stagville plantation?

The entire complex was owned by the Bennehan, Mantack and Cameron families; it comprised roughly 30,000 acres (120 km2) and was home to almost 900 enslaved African Americans in 1860….

Coordinates 36°7′1″N 78°50′1″W
Area 9 acres (3.6 ha)
Built 1799
Architectural style Georgian

Who owned stagville plantation?

The entire complex was owned by the Bennehan and Cameron families; it comprised roughly 30,000 acres and was home to almost 900 enslaved African-Americans in 1860.

What is the oldest plantation in North Carolina?

Sloop Point Plantation
Sloop Point Plantation, located in eastern Pender County, was constructed around 1726, making it the oldest surviving house in North Carolina.

What was the biggest plantation in NC?

Established in 1787 by the Bennehan and Cameron families, Stagville was the largest plantation in North Carolina.

Where did slaves in North Carolina come from?

Slavery has been part of North Carolina’s history since its settlement by Europeans in the late 1600s and early 1700s. Many of the first slaves in North Carolina were brought to the colony from the West Indies or other surrounding colonies, but a significant number were brought from Africa.

Which is the best plantation to visit?

Nottoway Plantation. The south’s largest antebellum mansion is Nottoway Plantation.

  • Pebble Hill Plantation. The original owner of Pebble Hill Plantation in Georgia was Melville Hanna, who acquired the property in 1896.
  • Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage.
  • Magnolia Plantation and Gardens.
  • James Madison’s Montpelier.
  • Where is Stagville Plantation in North Carolina?

    /  36.11694°N 78.83361°W  / 36.11694; -78.83361 Stagville Plantation is located in Durham County, North Carolina. With buildings constructed from the late 18th century to the mid-19th century, Stagville was part of one of the largest plantation complexes in the American South.

    What is the significance of the excavation at Stagville?

    The most extensive excavations focused on a site associated closely with Stagville’s plantation past and the enslavement of many of the people who lived there. A brief undated memorandum describes the structures to be built along with Richard Bennehan’s dwelling house.

    How much does a guided tour of Stagville cost?

    Guided tours are $2 for adults and $1 for children and seniors. Explore the history of Historic Stagville. Stagville is North Carolina’s largest pre-Civil War plantation and one of the South’s largest.