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How many planets are there in swtor?

How many planets are there in swtor?

The known galaxy is more than 100,000 light-years in diameter and consists of billions of star systems. Among these star systems, current estimates suggest there are more than one million inhabited worlds, many of them still unknown….Planets.

Core Worlds Level
Corellia 47-50
Coruscant 10-16
Ord Mantell 1-10
Tython 1-10

What planet is after Belsavis?

Next up after Belsavis you will head to Voss. Voss and the native species of the planet were created specifically for Star Wars: The Old Republic, and have their own unique take on using the Force.

How do you craft in swtor?

To open your Crafting window click the button and it will bring up your recipe window. Pick which item you want to craft and who you want to do it on the bottom of the window. As long as you have the required materials you are good! Each companion can que up to five items at a time to craft.

How do you get prefabs in swtor?

The schematic for a Synthetic Prefab MK-1 can be bought from your crafting trainer at Artifice, Biochem or Synthweaving crafting level 150. The crafting trainers are located in the “Crew Skills & Strongholds” section of the fleet.

Does it matter who you side with on Iokath?

First, to avoid any confusion: The faction you choose has no effect at all outside of Iokath. It only impacts story choices in the Iokath storyline (and future stories) and some gameplay impacts on Iokath.

What is the Star Wars the Old Republic Beginners Guide?

This Star Wars: The Old Republic Beginners Guide focuses on Crafting. Here you will learn everything you need to know about SWTOR Crew Skills 6.0 and which combinations work best! This Guide is complimentary addition to the Ultimate SWTOR Beginners Guide!

What is the story Order of the Star Wars universe?

The only planet that clearly establishes story order is Corellia, and even that is questionable. Siths and BH get to frolic around for some time (with only BH actually doing something useful to Empire), then Agent mops up and then 3 Republic armies (Jedis and Trooper) invade. Randomly insert Smuggler somewhere in there.

Where do you start your faction in Star Wars?

Sith Inquisitors & Warriors start on Korriban, Troopers & Smugglers on Ord Mantell and Jedi Knights and Consulars on Tython. Galactic Republic faction players move on to Coruscant, and Sith Empire players visit Dromund Kass. Each of these planets also has the faction’s respective capital city as well. Balmorra is the next planet in line.

Where can I farm Grade 1 materials in Star Wars?

The other useful areas for a mix of mats are the Black Sun Territory, Justicar Territory, and the Old Galactic Market. Overall, it is recommended you use Coruscant as a farming location for Grade 1 materials if you are looking for general materials. This has been another entry of the Gryphon’s Tome, Volume 1, Materials!