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How is condyloma treated?

How is condyloma treated?

Cryotherapy, trichloroacetic acid solution, and several surgical modalities are also available treatments. There is a chance for Condyloma acuminata to recur after topical treatments. Surgical excision is the only available treatment with clearance rates close to 100 percent.

What is the best treatment for papilloma?

Skin papilloma treatment excision, in which a doctor surgically removes the papilloma. laser surgery, a procedure that destroys the wart using high-energy light from a laser. cryotherapy, or freezing off the tissue. applying liquid nitrogen onto warts or injecting them into the papilloma.

How do you apply Podophyllin cream?

Apply the cream directly to the warts twice a day (morning and evening) for 3 days and then stop treatment for the next 4 days. Do not use if your skin is sore or broken around the warts. Wash your hands after applying the cream.

What vitamins help fight HPV?

The intake of vitamins A and D and carotenoids may inhibit early cervical cancer development. The intake of folate may prevent or inhibit HPV infection rom progressing to various grades of CIN. The intake of vitamins C and E may widely inhibit the process of cervical cancer development.

Can vitamin C cure warts?

To try Vitamin C as a topical treatment for warts, crush up a vitamin C tablet and mix it with water. Apply the paste to the wart, cover with a bandage, and leave overnight. Repeat daily. Some people claim that lemon juice and vitamin C make a more effective paste.

What vitamins should I take for HPV?

What are the different types of condyloma treatment?

– Condyloma cutting with special tools and the use of anesthetic to overcome pain during surgery – Clotting with liquid nitrogen in the area around the condyloma to cause blisters that can make the condyloma loose (cryotheraphy) – Laser therapy with intense beams of light onto the condyloma – Use of an electric current to open a condyloma (electrocautery)

How to get rid of condyloma?

Cryotherapy. This procedure uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the warts. After freezing,the warts fall off.

  • Electrocautery. In this procedure,doctors use an electric current to burn off the warts.
  • Laser treatments. Laser therapy uses energy transmitted from an intense light. This technique is typically used only for difficult cases.
  • Is there a treatment available for condyloma?

    Treatment of Condyloma Some cases of condyloma heal on their own, but most patients need help in getting rid of these contagious viral-induced growths. It is important for patients to seek medical attention to prevent further spread to yourself and to others.

    How do you get condyloma?

    have unprotected sex (are not using barrier protection,such as a condom or dental dam)

  • have multiple sex partners
  • have anal intercourse
  • have had sex or intimate contact with a person with HPV
  • have sex at an early age
  • have an immune system that is compromised by illness or medication