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How do you get the big chest in ice temple link to the past?

How do you get the big chest in ice temple link to the past?

Use the Hookshot to reach the chest, then open it to get another small key. Quickly dash across to the room to the left and then head down the staircase. Back in this room, you can use the Fire Rod to defeat the two Freezors, causing a treasure chest with some bombs to appear.

How do you beat the ice Temple in Ocarina of Time?

Push the block south, collect the rupee, west, collect the rupee, north, collect the rupee, and then east to collect the final silver rupee. Finally, push the block south to access the next area. Use Blue Fire to melt the ice blocking the door, and enter the next room.

How do you break the Red Ice in Ocarina of Time?

Smash the icicles that block the way and go to the blue flame, which can be stored in your bottles. Use the blue flame to melt the red ice and open the chest to get the dungeon map. Refill the bottle with the blue flame and leave. Round cave, center: Climb up the stone blocks and melt the red ice.

How do I get past the ice in Majora’s Mask?

As a Goron, walk or roll near the large snowballs until you find one that has a green Z-targeting target above it. Punch that snowball and you find the frozen Goron Elder. Pour hot spring water near the ice to thaw him out.

How do you get the heart piece in Ice Cavern?

In the Ice Cavern in the room with the Compass, a piece of heart can be found within a red block of ice. Use Blue Fire to melt it and snag the heart piece.

Is Stone Tower Temple hard?

Stone Tower is definitely more difficult than the Water Temple. All the flipping, fairy collecting, and time limit made it very challenging the first time I played it, compared to the Water Temple. The Water Temple wasn’t so much difficult as annoying, particularly with the lowering and raising of the water level.

How do I get King Zora as an adult?

Using an acute angle clip, you can skip past King Zora as adult using only the Master Sword. Hold right once you clip to stay out of bounds, then hold up-left to jump into the water and swim up behind him.

How do I get to the Water Temple in hylia?

Now that we have both the Iron Boots and Zora Tunic, we can enter the Water Temple. Play the Serenade of Water to quickly warp over to Lake Hylia. Before entering the temple, there is one optional Gold Skulltula that we can collect, over at the Lakeside Laboratory.

How do I get to Hyrule Field from Temple of time?

If you’re nowhere near there, just play the Prelude of Light to take you back to the Temple of Time. From there, go out to Hyrule Field (and call Epona if you wish).

How do you get the skulltula in the ice cavern?

In the Ice Cavern, make your way to the first spinning blade room with the Silver Rupees. The skulltula is located high up on the wall, just above one of the silver rupees. Use the Hookshot to snag the token. After you’ve gotten them all, the bars on the ledge above will move away, allowing you to venture further into the cavern.

How do you get through ice Keese in terraria?

Once again drop a bomb and it will blast through the ice, leaving a pathway to the door at the south end of the room. Run on over and head through. Walk to the west end of the room and you’ll see some ice keese as well as some more mini-freezards.