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How do I plan a cheap trip to Europe?

How do I plan a cheap trip to Europe?

Top 7 Tips for Budget Travel in Europe

  1. Consider heading to Eastern Europe.
  2. Save on booze & food.
  3. Be savvy about Budget Travel Options.
  4. Check Out Free Walking Tours.
  5. Avoid Restaurants in Touristy Areas.
  6. Travel During Off-Seasons.
  7. Research Budget Lodging Options.

How much do I need per day in Europe?

Virtually impossible to predict, we’d advise a figure roughly around €100 a day for spending money in Western Europe and about €40–60 a day for Eastern Europe. Budget Your Trip has thankfully provided a Travel Cost Index that maps out the average daily travel price of real travellers, per person per day.

How much is a meal in euros?

Food: Food costs vary as wildly as accommodation costs. Cheap fast-food meals cost 9–15 euros, while restaurant meals cost around 15–25 euros. Nicer establishments will cost 30 euros or more. You can cook your food for a week for around 65 euros>.

How do I create my own Europe trip plan?

Use our interactive Europe Trip Planner tool to create your own route. Use our Europe trip planner map to create your own self-guided route, including any major European destinations – plus some further afield including Russia and China!

How does our Europe tour planner work?

Our Europe tour planner is unique and is the most powerful tool out there, which was previously available only to travel professionals, but is now open to all. What Triptile Does? Select all the destinations you would like to visit. You can choose anything. Choose the start date of your trip and enter how many travelers are going.

Is it hard to plan a Europe trip?

It can be really overwhelming trying to plan your Europe trip. There are a ton of things to work out, research and eventually book. That’s why we offer as many resources and services as possible. From planning tools and rail trip advice, to fully guided tours, we can help you plan your ultimate Europe trip on your terms.

What is the cheapest way to travel Europe?

Living the vanlife in Europe is many backpackers’ dream. And it can easily be one of the cheapest ways to travel Europe if you’re exploring countries like Switzerland or Norway. My motorbike-loving friends won’t stop raving about how great it is to ride your bike down the wide-open highways across Europe.