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How do I get Themes for Firefox?

How do I get Themes for Firefox?

Installing themes

  1. Click the menu button. , click Add-ons and Themes and select Recommendations or Themes.
  2. Scroll through the suggested themes or visit to browse more themes.
  3. Click on the theme’s author to see more information about it.
  4. Click the + Install Theme button.

Is it safe to download Firefox Themes?

Chosen solution Unless clearly marked otherwise, add-ons available from the gallery at have been checked and approved by Mozilla’s team of editors and are safe to install.

How do I add a background to Firefox?

Click the ≡ Menu Button and choose Options. Click the Content icon. Click the Colors button. Next to Background, click the swatch and pick a color.

Does Stylish have a virus?

If you want to change the way that the internet looks, just use Stylus. It is functionally identical to Stylish, apart from the facts that it has never contained any spyware, and is not owned by a company that makes its money by selling your data.

Can I create my own Firefox theme?

With the theme generator on AMO and Firefox Color, you can easily create multiple themes and switch between them.

Can I change Firefox background?

Is Stylish a spyware?

Unfortunately, since January 2017, Stylish has been augmented with bonus spyware that records every single website that I and its 2 million other users visit [EDIT – I am told that the Chrome version has had tracking since January 2017, but the Firefox version has only had it since March 2018].

How do I open userChrome CSS in Firefox?

css and userContent. css files. To launch your Firefox profile folder, click menu > Help > Troubleshooting Information in Firefox. Click the “Open Folder” button to the right of Profile Folder to open it.

Is there a Firefox anime theme?

In anime, certain physical features are often exaggerated – especially the eyes – and this theme puts everything in a bit more real perspective. Here is a Firefox anime theme most of us will remember fondly. If you ever stayed up to watch Toonami on Cartoon Network, then you know that Gundam Wing is one of the most thrilling anime shows ever.

Is there a Firefox theme for Dragonball Z?

And if you’re more a fan of the villains of Dragonball Z, then this is the anime Firefox theme for you. Frieza, Cell and Majin Buu all posed major threats to the universe, and each brought something different, intense, and powerful to the table before being defeated by our favorite heroes.

What anime theme has a smile?

“My Neighbor Totoro” is another one of Miyazaki’s classics, and Totoro’s smile is one of the character’s most beloved traits. If you’re ever in need of a pick-me-up, this is the Mozilla anime theme that is sure to put a smile on your own face.