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How do I console my military wife?

How do I console my military wife?

Showing your support for the military spouse in your life

  1. Call and check in.
  2. Send a card.
  3. Offer to take the kids for a night, if you live close enough.
  4. Make a meal or send a gift card to a local restaurant.
  5. Offer to be a listening ear.

What is a Dependa in training?

‘Dependa’ is a horrible insult mainly used by military spouses to put each other down. Every military spouse is a dependent (unless they are active duty), but to be a dependa infers that someone is useless or stupid.

How do Army Wives make friends?

Making Friends as a New MilSpouse

  1. Spouse Groups. This can be through the Family Readiness Group (FRG), your spouse’s unit, or maybe a group on Facebook.
  2. Did someone say book clubs? If you enjoy reading, look into book clubs through your local library.
  3. Work friends.
  4. Volunteer.
  5. Neighbors.

Why do most military wives not work?

In a large Rand study, two-thirds of spouses interviewed felt that the military had a negative effect on career. Frequent moves, absence of the service member, cost of child care vs. wages, and employer bias were the most frequently cited reasons for this problem.

What’s a MilSO?

Let’s start at the beginning: The word MilSO stands for “military significant other.” While that could include military spouses, it typically means someone who is in a relationship with a service member: girlfriends, boyfriends, fiancés, and fiancées are all milsos.

Is being a military spouse lonely?

Being a military spouse can be a lonely life. Once I was able to admit that the loneliness I was feeling was a real, valid emotion, my life began to change. I felt empowered to tell loneliness to take a hike. Doing so made loneliness feel more than a default fact of life.

Is it hard being an army wife?

The life of a military spouse is undeniably challenging. Being away from your partner for months or years at a time, assuming the role of a single parent, trying to balance a career while moving so often – all of these realities of military life can take its toll.