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How do I become a swimming coach in Australia?

How do I become a swimming coach in Australia?

All coaches commence by gaining a Swim Australia Teacher of Competitive Swimming Coach Accreditation (formerly Junior Squad and Assistant Coach accreditation). You must either attend a course or complete the Recognition of Current Competency (RCC).

Can I be a swimming coach?

To become a swim coach, you need at least a high school diploma or GED certificate, First Aid and CPR training, and a swimming coach certification. Some employers also request proof of citizenship and employment history as a lifeguard or other aquatic safety professional.

What is a Level 3 swimming coach?

A qualified Level 3 Coach (Diving, Swimming Coaching, Synchronised Swimming and Water Polo) can directly train at any one time up to 36 swimmers. Format. The qualification is designed to be delivered as a rolling programme of stand-alone units and will be assessed using task booklets throughout Units 1-10.

What skills do you need to be a swimming coach?

You’ll need:

  • leadership skills.
  • knowledge of teaching and the ability to design courses.
  • customer service skills.
  • the ability to create the best conditions for learning or teaching new things.
  • excellent verbal communication skills.
  • the ability to monitor your own performance and that of your colleagues.

What is a swimming coach called?

Also known as swimming teachers, swim instructors help children and adults develop proper swimming techniques. They may also coach swim teams and help more advanced swimmers enhance their swimming abilities.

What does seq mean in swimming?

Swimming Assistant
SEQ Swimming Assistant (Teaching)

Is swim teaching a good career?

Becoming a swimming teacher is an incredibly rewarding career, teaching an essential life skill to others. Once qualified, you’ll be able to find employment opportunities that are flexible around your lifestyle, not to mention you’ll be sharing your love of swimming with others.

Is being a swim instructor worth it?

Being a swim instructor can be a very rewarding job, but a stressful one. If you are more inclined to teach, becoming a swim instructor might be better suited, but if you are more disposed to watch out for the safety of others, a lifeguard role may be the better position.

What is a Level 2 swim teacher?

Search courses. The SEQ Level 2 Teaching Swimming course develops your knowledge, skills and abilities as a swimming teacher. It builds on the SEQ Level 1 Swimming Assistant (Teaching) qualification and gives you the skills to independently plan and deliver swimming lessons.

How do I become a good swim coach?

  1. Honesty — This goes without saying that good coaches are honest and have integrity.
  2. Passion — A passionate coach loves swimming.
  3. Communication — Think of all the different people a coach communicates with.
  4. Great listener — Being a good listener is part of communication, but also a separate part of coaching.

What is level1 swimming?

Able to swim the length of the pool without stopping, demonstrates proficient front and back stroke skills, interested in learning additional strokes. Level 1 is entry level.

Is it swim coach or swimming coach?


Teacher Coach
Focus Area Correct Skills and Water Safety Endurance, Speed, Power
Objective Enjoy the water and stay safe Swim faster
Target group All students, irrespective of age or ability Talented swimmers
Group size In smaller groups of 6-8 students In larger groups of about 30 swimmers

What qualifications do I need to become a Swim Australia coach?

Before coaches can enrol in the Development Course, they must have held a Teacher of Competitive Swimming qualification for a minimum of 6 months (Swim Australia Teacher of Competitive Swimming or AUSTSWIM Teacher of Towards Competitive Strokes).

What is the Swimming Australia advanced coaching course?

The Swimming Australia Advanced Coaching Course focuses on continuous improvement in coaching skill, education and promotion of participation in competitive swimming at regional, state and national age competitions.

What is the Swimming Australia coach accreditation framework?

Our education courses form the basis of the Swimming Australia coach accreditation framework. Coaches progress through the accreditation framework by completing an education course, gaining experience in the industry and meeting requirements for accreditation at each level.

What is a Swim Australia teacher of competitive swimming coach?

A Swim Australia Teacher of Competitive Swimming Coach typically coaches junior swimmers (i.e. swimmers 12-years and younger) who are in the early stages of the competitive swimming development and/or assist a suitably qualified and licensed coach in the delivery of competitive swimming programs for age group (i.e. 13-18 years) and open swimmers.