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How do I archive a shared mailbox in Outlook?

How do I archive a shared mailbox in Outlook?

Using the Exchange Admin Center

  1. Open the Exchange Admin Center.
  2. Expand Recipients and select Mailboxes.
  3. Click on the user.
  4. Click on Others.
  5. Open Manage mailbox Archive.
  6. Enable the Mailbox Archive.

Can you apply an archive policy to a shared mailbox?

Are you looking for a way to apply Retention Policy to Shared Mailbox? In Office 365, admins can create an archiving and deletion policy that automatically moves items to a user’s archive mailbox or deletes items after they reach a certain age limit. This means creating a retention policy that’s assigned to mailboxes.

How do I archive emails in Outlook 365 online?

Click on the first and last message in the group you wish to archive. Outlook Web Access will select all of the email messages including and between those you selected. Release the “Shift” key and click the “Mark/Archive” button on the toolbar directly above the folder headings.

How do I enable Outlook online archive?

Enable an archive mailbox

  1. Go to Microsoft Purview compliance portal and sign in.
  2. In the left pane of the compliance portal, select Data lifecycle management > Archive.
  3. In the list of mailboxes, select the user to enable their mailbox for archive, and then select the Enable archive option:
  4. Select Enable to confirm.

How do I enable Exchange Online archive?

In the lower-left navigation of the Office 365 admin center, expand “ADMIN“, and then click on “Exchange“. Go to recipients and select mailboxes option. It will display the list of all mailboxes being used within your organization. Select the desired mailbox for which you want to enable “Archiving”.

How do I enable Exchange Online archive feature?

How do I enable archiving in Exchange Online?

How does Exchange Online archiving works?

After an item has been removed from the archive’s Deleted Items folder, the item is kept in the archive’s Recoverable Items folder for an additional 14 days before being permanently removed. Users can recover these items using the Recover Deleted Items feature in Microsoft Outlook or Outlook on the web.

How to enable mailbox in exchange online?

You need to be assigned permissions before you can perform this procedure or procedures.

  • Entries in the mailbox audit log are retained for 90 days,by default.
  • You can’t use the Exchange admin center (EAC) to enable or disable mailbox audit logging.
  • How many shared mailbox can I create in exchange online?

    Open the EAC Exchange admin center.

  • Go to Recipients > Mailboxes and then click Add a shared mailbox .
  • Fill-in the required fields: Name Email address Alias
  • Click Create to save your changes and create the shared mailbox.
  • Under the Next steps section,click the Add users to this mailbox link.
  • How do I create a shared mailbox in exchange?

    In the Exchange Management Console,expand the ‘Recipient Configuration’ node,and then select the ‘Mailbox’ node

  • From the actions pane select ‘New Mailbox’
  • With ‘User Mailbox’ selected,click ‘Next’
  • With ‘New user’ selected,click ‘Next’
  • Enter the required information.
  • Click ‘Next’
  • How to access Exchange Archive mailboxes?

    – In the EAC, go to Recipients > Mailboxes, and then select the new user mailbox from the list. – In the Exchange Management Shell, run the following command to display information about the new user mailbox and archive. – In the Exchange Management Shell, use the Test-ArchiveConnectivity cmdlet to test connectivity to the archive.