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Did they ever find Bob Chappell?

Did they ever find Bob Chappell?

A Supreme Court jury in 2010 found Neill-Fraser guilty of murdering her partner Bob Chappell on board the couple’s yacht, Four Winds, in 2009. Mr Chappell’s body has never been found. The appeal is 67-year-old Neill-Fraser’s second, and was made possible after a law change in 2015.

Who was Bob Chappell?

Bob Chappell (65), a radiation oncology medical physicist from Hobart, and his partner of 18 years, Susan Neill-Fraser (born 3 March 1954), were the owners of a 16 metre (53 foot) ketch called Four Winds. The ship had been purchased in Queensland in September 2008 and had been brought to Hobart in December 2008.

Who killed Bob Tasmania?

grandmother Susan Neill-Fraser
Hobart grandmother Susan Neill-Fraser is appealing to Australia’s highest court for a second time in a bid to have her murder conviction overturned. The 67-year-old was sentenced to 23 years in jail for killing partner Bob Chappell aboard the couple’s yacht, the Four Winds, on Australia Day 2009.

Who killed Bob podcast?

Who Killed Bob? focuses on murder, intrigue and injustice following the disappearance of Bob Chappell aboard the yacht ‘Four Winds’ in Tasmania in 2009. Despite there being no body, no murder weapon and no witnesses, Bob’s long-time partner Sue Neill-Fraser was convicted of his murder and imprisoned for 23 years.

Who killed Bob podcast Australia?

A new podcast about the murder of Bob Chappell on the 26th January 2009. His de facto partner Susan Neill-Fraser ‘Sue’ was found guilty of his murder in 2010, but an appeal on the grounds of fresh and compelling evidence remains before the Supreme Court of Tasmania. This is the story.

Who is Candra Torres?

Candra Torres was just 16 when she was abducted in 1976 and now she has told Elizabeth Smart: Finding Justice in an exclusive sneak peek, that the man who took her bragged about shooting her dog and husband, before holding her against her will and sexually attacking her.

What happened to Julio Torres?

The following day, Julio was accidentally shot and killed when the two men botched a rifle handoff during a deer hunt. Alarmed, the dog attacked Brown, who then shot the canine in self-defense. Candra bore witness to the entire grisly sequence, she said, corroborating the tragic story.

Who is empty promises based on?

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Does Julio Torres still write for SNL?

Torres is, of course, best known for his HBO stand-up special My Favorite Shapes (helmed by McCary) and his HBO comedy series Los Espookys, which is returning for a second season. The New York-based comedian also wrote on SNL from 2016 to 2019 and has credits on two 2021 episodes.

What is Julio Torres doing now?

Torres has two new projects already in development under the pact, “Little Films” (working title) and “Lucky,” the former of which he’s set to star in and is produced by Emma Stone. In “Little Films,” which has a production commitment at HBO, the former “Saturday Night Live” writer stars as himself.

Why did she leave her husband on his boat in Hobart?

She allegedly told police she left him on board their moored yacht in Hobart about 2pm on January 26 because he wanted to work on the boat and sleep on board that night. The yacht was discovered partially submerged the next day. Police said it had been deliberately sabotaged.

What happened in Tasmania’s first murder trial without a body?

The highly circumstantial prosecution case — and Tasmania’s first murder trial without a body — appeared to face hard going to secure a conviction. However, as more than 50 witnesses presented evidence in the four-week trial, the evidence mounted against Neill-Fraser.

What is the relationship between Tasmanian Police and the legal process?

“Tasmania Police fully supports the legal process and remains confident in the integrity and thoroughness of the original and subsequent investigation teams,” Assistant Commissioner Richard Cowling said in a statement. Neill-Fraser was able to apply for another appeal under Tasmanian laws introduced in 2015.

Is time running out on Tassie Neill-Fraser?

But since being in Tasmania’s notorious Risdon Prison, Neill-Fraser’s health has deteriorated. The 65-year-old convicted killer attends her Supreme Court appeals in a wheelchair and fierce defenders of her innocence say time is running out.