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Are washer and dryer pedestal universal?

Are washer and dryer pedestal universal?

Similar to stackable washers and dryers, you should try to match the brand of your laundry pedestals to your washer and dryer. While some laundry pedestals might be universal, things like the pedestal’s dimensions, color/finish, weight limit and features can vary from brand to brand.

Do washer dryer pedestals fit all brands?

Not all stands and pedestals will be compatible with your washer and dryer models. Pedestals are sold separately from washing machines and dryers at an additional price. The best washing machine stand for your laundry room will be the right size for your washer and/or dryer.

What does a pedestal do for a washer and dryer?

WHAT ARE WASHER AND DRYER PEDESTALS FOR? Washer and dryer pedestals raise front-load machines up 10–16 inches to help reduce the amount of bending and stooping needed to load and unload items. More recent innovations include built-in storage or washing machine compartments.

Is a laundry pedestal worth it?

The short answer is no, pedestals are not a necessary add-on when buying a washer but they can be extremely useful in making your machine more accessible.

Can you install washer pedestal later?

Yes, the pedestal can be install after the washer and dryer have been installed.

How do you raise a washer and dryer off the floor?

A laundry riser, in case you weren’t aware, is a platform that lifts washing machines and dryers off the floor. It’s especially great for front loaders, as it raises the drum to allow for easier access—perfect for the elderly and pregnant. As an added bonus, it can also provide handy storage space below the platform.

Will new LG washer fit on old pedestal?

A: I was told by two different sources that the old LG pedestals will not work with the new WM3670 washers. The design change for the new models. While the pedestal is the same size as the old, the washer and dryer attachments have changed. Also the handle is different and the color is a shade brighter white.