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Are Polk speaker good?

Are Polk speaker good?

The Good. The big Polk T50 tower speakers sound very good for the money. They look sharp, too, and feature a 1-inch tweeter, 6.5-inch woofer and two 6.5-inch bass radiators.

Can you use 6×9 as subwoofer?

One advantage of using a 6X9 subwoofer is that it doesn’t take a huge enclosure to make the subwoofer perform the way that it’s supposed to. If you are working with limited space, a 6X9 subwoofer might be just what you are looking for. This is still one of the important steps in the process.

Do rear speakers make difference car?

In general, rear speakers should only provide low-level “fill”. Having rear speakers provide more than just low-level fill will destroy your imaging by sending confusing cues to your ear-brain. This is particularly true in a vehicle because your ears are often closer to the rear speakers than the front speakers.

Why Polk speakers?

That day, a speaker company was born with a clear vision for quality and a powerful mission for value. Each and every day since then, all Polk products are the result of tight-knit collaboration, teamwork, and our collective passion to make great sound available to as many people as humanly possible.

How good is the sound quality on the pioneer 6×9’s?

The sound quality on all levels is crystal clear especially at high volumes – I have them paired with Pioneer 6×9’s as well in the bags with a SounDigital SD800.4D amplifier. Money well spent for high quality sound especially being a marine grade speaker. Started out good…

How good do the Polk basses sound?

They sound okay but you have to turn the volume way up to hear them. The highs and mods sound great, but they don’t quite have the loudness or bass of their predecessors have. I would not recommend these. Polk DB is the way to go! I see many put these in the saddle bags of their motorcycles and are happy with results.

Are the DB 6×9 speakers any good?

Not as good as the 1st DB 6×9 model! I bought a previous version of the DB 6×9 speakers and they sounded great! The sound clarity was awesome with lots of power. I bought a new car, so I thought I would try these newer models out. They sound okay but you have to turn the volume way up to hear them.