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Are Armenians descendants of Urartians?

Are Armenians descendants of Urartians?

The study shows that modern-day Armenians are the people who have the least genetic distance from those ancient skeletons. As well, some scholars asserted that the Urartians are the most easily identifiable ancestors of the Armenians.

Are Armenians indigenous?

Genetic origins. Recent studies have shown that Armenians are indigenous to the Armenian Highlands and form a distinct genetic isolate in the region.

What are people from Yerevan called?


Yerevan Երևան
• Estimate (2022) 1,092,800
• Density 4,824/km2 (12,490/sq mi)
• Metro (2001 estimate) 1,420,000
Demonym(s) Yerevantsi(s), Yerevanite(s)

What is the summary of notes of a native son?

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What is the history of Erebuni?

Erebuni was founded by Urartian King Argishti I (r. ca. 785–753 BC) in 782 BC. It was built on top of a hill called Arin Berd overlooking the Aras River Valley to serve as a military stronghold to protect the kingdom’s northern borders.

What is the origin of the word Yerevan?

The name Yerevan itself is derived from Erebuni. On an inscription found at Karmir Blur, the Urartian verb erebu-ni is used in the sense of “to seize, pillage, steal, or kidnap” followed by a changing direct object.

How did Argishti build Erebuni?

According to Margarit Israelyan, Argishti began the construction of Erebuni after conquering the territories north of Yerevan and west of Lake Sevan, roughly corresponding to where the town of Abovyan is currently located. Accordingly, the prisoners he captured in these campaigns, both men and women, were used to help build his town.